Thought for Food Student Challenge – Apply by 9th March

Sponsored by Syngenta, the challenge will encourage talented students to break the rules, let their imaginations run wild and become the champions and visionaries for a new generation.

The University of Manchester is proud to be one of 12 Universities across Europe to take part in the inaugural Thought For Food European student challenge.

As this is the first time it has been run, the organisers are strictly limiting it to invited universities across Europe. The contest leads on such that the 2 best entries go to the Zurich ‘One Young World’ event. The latter is branded as the “Young Person’s Davos” and had the likes of Kofi Annan and Bob Geldoff as key-note speakers last year.

We now need to put together a five person team to represent The University of Manchester in the competition (criteria under 27 years old – preferably postgraduate & PhD students). The five students will form an exceptional multidisciplinary student team.

Students interested in participating in the contest should contact Dr Bruce Grieve by 9th March. Further details may be found on the SCI website.

Staff interested in judging shortlisted applicants, and would be available for an hour to hour and a half next Friday, 11th March between 12 and 4, should contact Jane Raftery.

The final team of five will be submitted to Syngenta on 11th March. The challenge will be announced on the 15th March.


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