An Introduction to Science Policy – Free event – 16 March 2011

When: Wednesday 16 March 2011 at 9am
Where: University of Hull
How to book: please click on the following link and complete the booking form

This ‘Introduction to Science Policy’ workshop will give you the chance to find out more about the policy process and the methods by which you can contribute to it. The workshop will also give you the chance to put your questions to people who work with science, engineering and policy.

Who is the Event Aimed at?

– Early career researchers and academics
– Postgraduate and PhD students

Workshop Structure:

The maximum group size is 30 and workshops run for 2 hours. The workshop entails;

An introduction to Science Policy; supplemented with educational materials explaining the field of Science Policy.

Guest Panellists; providing information from their own unique perspective on ways in which scientists can communicate their research to a policy audience.

Discussion; Participants are given the opportunity to question the panellists on science policy issues and how the science-into-policy process can be improved, including how information about the policy process can be given more effectively to them through funding bodies, Government and other organisations.

This is a free Workshop with refreshments and lunch provided.


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