Junk the Jargon Competition Final – 10.02.11

Junk the Jargon Competition Final

Thursday 10 February 2011 from 3:30pm – 5:00pm
C16, Renold Building

Come along to this free event, which challenges our researchers to present their research topics to the general public.

In just 3 minutes our researchers need to make their topic clear, interesting and entertaining – strictly no jargon allowed!

You get to vote on the winner in this X-Factor style competition.

The inspiring, creative, and amusing talks include:
– How computers can find a cure for cancer
– Untangling the atmosphere – the hunt for turbulence
– Skedaddle! The Victorian love affair with American Slang
– Why you should cook your meat
– How I taught my Dad to use predictive text
– Business talking green: red herrings, rose-tinted spectacles and blue-skies thinking

Everyone is welcome. Bring your work-mates, bring your friends, bring your family!

Along with our judges from the BBC, Museum of Science & Industry and the Institute of Ideas you get to take part in the audience vote.

For further information and to get your free event ticket please visit: https://sites.google.com/site/junkthejargon/

New course: Techniques for creating win-win collaborations

When: Monday 21 February 2011 at 13:00 – 15:30
Where: Room 6.207,  University Place
How to book: Book your place online at http://www.mhs.manchester.ac.uk/TRAININGTEAM/Book.aspx?CourseInstance=410
Using an exciting theory borrowed from gaming research this innovative session NonZeroSum: Collaboration For Researchers will be piloted with Research Staff for the first time at The University of Manchester.

Collaboration skills are an increasingly desirable skillset for researchers to possess. Collaboration suggests working with other people in some kind of creative capacity, but there are many different modes of work. Understanding how people work alongside one another is crucial; even more important is thinking about how one can work better with people.

NonZeroSum is a new training resource, developed as part of the Vitae Innovate 2010 programme, and seeks to engage researchers with a series of short collaborative challenges. During the session participants will:

  • explore the nature of collaboration and identify their strengths as collaborators
  • practice collaborative skills through innovative group activities
  • determine opportunities for developing collaborative skills
  • contribute to the development of a new training resource

Places are strictly limited to a maximum of 12 participants. The session is highly participatory in nature and involves groupwork. As NonZeroSum is a new training resource, participants and observers will be asked to give feedback on the session to help the future development of the session (please note time has been factored into the session to do this).

Junk the Jargon Competition

Yesterday we held the Faculty Heats for the “Junk the Jargon” competition.

Congratulations to Joanna Hudson, Hilary Sandig and Anisa Visram who were announced as winners by our Panel of experts. We wish them all the best for the University Final on 10th February (3.30 Renolds Building C16). Please do come along to support them you may gain a few tips from the winners that will help you for next years competition.

The competition asked students and research staff to present their research in a way that anybody could understand everything that they were talking about. With just three-minutes to deliver a clear the message this was a tall order as no powerpoint were allowed. I’m glad to say that people did bring a number of props that they used to cleverly convey the complex research that they were involved in.

The competition was really fierce with a very high standard from all of the competitors and we would like to say congratulations to everyone that took part.

Well-Being Day for Postgraduate Researchers – 14 January

When: Friday 14 January from 10am-4pm
Where: Well-Being Room, Dover Street Building
How to book: No need to attend the whole day.  Just book in advance for the activities you prefer via the following link http://www.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/humnet/acaserv/pgresearch/researcherdevelopment/wellbeing.html

Activities include:
FREE massage! (Sign up on the day)
Come and enjoy a 15 minute neck /shoulder / head massage (performed through your clothes). Massage can release tired knotted muscles and relax and refresh you. Massage also increases the blood circulation and encourages your body to produce endorphins which can make you feel energised.
Information Stands where you can meet with staff from the Student Services, find out more about Sport and Exercise, and get to know about some of the clubs and societies available or students.
For a FREE basic health check and healthy lifestyle pack visit the Sport Stall.

Supervisors also welcome if accompanied by their research student.
Workshop Programme
10.00 -10.55  Top tips for Managing Stress
11.00 – 11.55 Calm energy and how to achieve it
11.00 – 11.55 Introduction to Shiatsu Massage
12.00 – 12.55 Overcoming Sleep Problems
13.00 -13.55 Hatha Yoga
14.00 – 14.55 Tai Chi
14.00 – 14.55 “Foods that energise, foods that calm and foods that affect our moods”