Call for Early Career Researchers for Public Engagement Science-Arts Project (deadline 20 August)

Manchester’s Comma Press is looking for two Northwest-based Early Career Researchers specialising in bio-medicine/life-science research, to participate in the science-literature short story commission.

The project – titled Bio-Fiction – is commissioning a series of literary authors to write short semi-fictional accounts of key turning points in 20th century science, working in collaboration with a practicing research scientist.  Authors signed up to the project include Dame AS Byatt, Kate Clanchy, and Sir Christopher Frayling, while scientists include Dr Jim Al-Khalili, Tim O’Brien, and Baroness Susan Greenfield, among others.

If you are interested in acting as a consultant on one such eureka story, please contact editor Ra Page by 20th August, on, stating your field of specialism, and suggesting three possible turning points or eureka moments from your field.

More information on what being a consultant means and what kind of eureka moments we’re looking for please visit:

This project is supported by the Manchester Beacon for Public Engagement through the Early Career Researcher Awards 2010.


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