Faculty Research Staff Representatives

The Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences is large and diverse with researchers located across the entire north-west region.  To link its researchers and foster a sense of community the Faculty has developed a Research Staff Forum. Representatives from each School meet together at the Research Staff Forum.  At this meeting, representatives share best practice and make recommendations to the senior managers of the Faculty.

Research Staff Forum Aims

  • To act as an information channel to communicate the training and career development support available to Research Staff.
  • To raise awareness of common issues and promote the interests of research staff within the Faculty.
  • To provide School specific training and encourage the establishment of interdisciplinary collaborative research between research staff.

The Research Staff Forum relies on your input.  If you have any issues that you would like to raise at the forum, please contact your School representative (see list below).

Representatives Contact Details School
David Morris David.M.Morris@manchester.ac.uk Cancer and Enabling Sciences
Jamie Honeychurch Jhoneychurch@picr.man.ac.uk Cancer and Enabling Sciences
Katt Dibb Katharine.dibb@manchester.ac.uk Biomedicine
Sarah Withers Sarah.withers@manchester.ac.uk Biomedicine
David Pattwell David.Pattwell@manchester.ac.uk Translational Medicine
Kate Knighting katherine.knighting@manchester.ac.uk Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work
Sally Jacobs Sally.jacobs@manchester.ac.uk Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sarah Willis Sarah.willis@manchester.ac.uk Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kirsten Windfuhr kirsten.windfuhr@manchester.ac.uk Community Based Medicine
Vacancy Vacancy Dentistry
Simon Durrant Simon.Durrant@manchester.ac.uk Psychological Sciences
Claire Noble claire.noble@manchester.ac.uk Psychological Sciences

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