Cross Cultural Issues in PhD Supervision

Cross cultural issues in PhD supervision

A Vitae NW Hub workshop

14 January 2010, 10:00-15:00

The University of Manchester


A full day workshop for supervisors and research managers covering general cross-cultural communication issues and practical solutions to potential problems in supervising postgraduate students from another culture.


International students by reason of their numbers and growing economic and educational importance are crucial to:

  • The higher education sector
  • The competitive edge of UK universities
  • Profitability and cost-effectiveness

Supervisors are being faced with guiding international researchers through their research degrees and occasionally a clash of cultures can lead to higher drop out figures and lower completion rates. Dr Mona Chung and Professor Richard Ingleby have firsthand experience of dealing with these cross cultural issues across western and eastern cultures, and have a range of tools and examples for dealing with these issues in a student/supervisor relationship.

To book:

To view further details and to book your place on this free course, visit: If you have any queries about this course, please direct them to Tracey McLoughlin, Vitae NW Hub Secretary (0161 275 1462


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