The NIHR Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research fellowships

 Advice from the panels and comments from award holders

Tuesday 3rd November 2009 – 12noon to 2pm

Institute of Health Sciences Seminar Room G306a, Ground floor

Jean McFarlane Building, University Place, University of Manchester

About the seminar This seminar is one of a series organised by the Institute of Health Sciences ( to bring key national research funding schemes and programmes together with leading researchers and investigators from the University of Manchester and the NHS in Manchester.  This workshop is designed to help applicants gain a greater understanding of making good applications to these schemes. 

Are you thinking of applying for a fellowship?

Are you advising someone who is applying?

Have you been approached to be a mentor by an applicant?

We are particularly focusing on two fellowships:

NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship (NIHR-DRF) offers 3 years full-time funding to undertake a PhD and is aimed at individuals of outstanding potential early in their research careers.  It aims to fast-track them through a customised research training programme in an environment reflecting their individual talents and training needs. It is anticipated that successful applicants would become independent research leaders within 6 to 10 years of completing the award.  The opportunity to hold this role part-time over 4-5 years is available.

NIHR Post-Doctoral Fellowship (NIHR-PDF) This is the first level of post-doctoral Fellowship and offers 3 years full-time funding to individuals who can demonstrate their potential as researchers but do not, as yet, have sufficient experience to be fully independent.  Applicants will need to show evidence of a clear commitment to a research career and success in the form of outputs from doctoral and post-doctoral research, where applicable.  Applicants will have obtained their research doctorate or submitted their thesis for PhD or MD and not have more than 3 years’ WTE post-doctoral research experience at the time of applying.  The opportunity to hold this role part-time over 4-5 years is also available.

Launch of Applications for 2010 round

late October 2009 with a closing date in Spring 2010

More information here 

Note – There are two other levels of fellowship:  

¡              Career Development Fellowship (NIHR CDF) for those with no more than 7 years FTE postdoctoral experience at time of applying. 

¡              NIHR Senior Research Fellowship (NIHR SRF) is aimed at outstanding individuals who are currently independent researchers and can demonstrate the potential to become academic and researcher leaders within the duration of an award.  

To register for this FREE workshop contact:


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