New resources on ‘Research Skills Online’

There is now a new section on the MHS ‘Research Skills Online‘ portal called ‘Other Online Resources‘.

Currently there are three new resources available on this:

  1. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) – (Click here to register and here to access)
  2. IP Resource
  3. Web 2 Practice for academics

Good Clinical Practice OnlineG

Recording audio podcasts for Academics

JISC Digital Media are providing fortnightly one-hour online help and support sessions to answer any queries you have regarding digital media. Queries regarding any aspect of still images, moving images (including video), audio and how they can be used for teaching and learning are welcome.

In this screencast session Joel Eaton us through tips and techniques for recording audio podcasts.

For more information about the online surgerys from Jisc Digital go to

Are you a scientist who enjoys talking about your work?

Would you relish the opportunity to showcase medical research in Manchester?

The Manchester Science Festival is on its way and offers scientists the ideal opportunity to engage with the public. Nowgen and the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry are organising a Meet the Scientist event for the festival and are looking for scientists with an interest in public engagement to join us.

We would need just a couple of hours of you time on either Friday 30 or Sat 31 October for a hands-on, informal event at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. Training in effective public engagement will be provided and Nowgen’s public programmes team will be available to offer their advice on how to help the public access your research in a meaningful way.

This annual festival is Manchester’s premier event for public engagement with science and engineering. It promotes both the region’s rich heritage of past scientific achievements and endeavours, whilst showcasing current innovative science, technology and engineering research and practice.If you are interested, please contact Emma Newall at

Manchester Science Festival, 24 October – 1 November 2009