How People are using Twitter during Conferences

In my last post I mentioned how useful it can be as a “back channel” for communicating at conferences. A recent Eduserv conference (see here) provides an excellent example of conference twittering (and live broadcasting by SwitchNewMedia, but this is a seperate issue 🙂 ). The Eduserv example shows how twitter allowed delegates and internet viewers to network and communicate about the topics being discussed. Using twitter at conferences relies on each “tweeter” (or should that be twit) using the same “hashtag”. In the Eduserv conference each tweet contained the hashtag “#esym09”. This allows people to view all the tweets that use this tag by searching for it in applications like Twitter Search.

Interestingly, as I was thinking about writing this post I saw a tweet by @sclater about the said paper (“How People are using Twitter during Conferences” – which I re-tweeted and posted to the on-line reference sharing applications (2collab and Citeulike). Using data collected from surveys the authors of the paper provide “evidence on how Twitter can enhance the knowledge of a given group or community by micro-connecting a diverse on-line audience“. Again it is well worth a read and gives a great overview of how twitter can enhance a conference.


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